Hungarian protectors for Hungarian knees

There is a photographer, Tomi Gács, who we won’t be seeing for 18 months because he’s riding his motorbike. He left in September, and has already visited Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. And what we are particularly proud of and why we read his blog (apart from the fact that paying attention to such an awesome biker undertaking is in itself practically obligatory) is that he chose our protective gear.

This is what he writes about us:

“For years I thought Asesso was some cool international brand, but I recently found out that it’s actually Hungarian. What could I say? Hungarian protectors for Hungarian knees! Oh yeah, and masks, winter base-layers, spine protectors, fork sleeves or basically anything else you might need.”

As far as Tomi and his trip are concerned, what you should know is the following:

Why have you decided to take this trip?

As I’ve said, I became slightly fed up, I love travelling and riding motorcycles, I believe I know how to write, in theory, I know how to take pictures and to tell you the truth, I’d like to avoid meetings for a while. If you need a more formal answer, then the truth is that after I became aware that I had been cheated and fucked over by my business partners, I became so disgusted with the whole thing there was really no other choice.

Is there anything you are expecting from your travels?

I want great things and adventure and a lot of it. I typically don’t really take care of myself, so I’m pretty sure there will be exciting things happening to me, which might make for a good read on the blog.

Aren’t you afraid of being killed or robbed somewhere along the way?

No. Over the course of the past decade, I trekked through more than 54 countries on seven continents. I biked around South-East Asia, I hitchhiked on freighters in India, I went to Antarctica on an expeditionary ship, I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, I crossed the Bolivian salt flats by jeep, I cycled on the legendary Death Road, I took part in a few jungle hikes and scaled a few glaciers. I never had any problems with anyone. Obviously, I could end up having bad luck or suffering accidents, but this could easily happen to me at home as well.

Why go alone?

I always travel alone and I’m pretty sure a person can’t take being locked up with someone 24/7 for 18 months. I’d rather get to know strangers and locals. One of my travel companions, who I met in India and travelled together with for a few weeks, said it best: “I’m always alone, but never by myself”.

And why by motorcycle?

I’m not sure. For some reason, I’ve been fascinated and completely taken by motorbikes since I was a kid. I started riding when I was 8 and that’s when I decided to motorcycle around the globe. I believe I have managed to travel in all sorts of places by basically any vehicle you can think of, but for me, the best thing was always renting a cheap motorbike and riding. My philosophy was I’d rather go by bike than travel in shitty buses and trains.

Make sure you follow his blog. Like his Facebook page. And don’t forget his Instagram. The pics are amazing. We certainly love them.

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