Presenting the first athlete sponsored by the Asesso Team! Bálint Barabás, the great hope of Hungarian snowboarding

It’s an honour and a great pleasure that athletes also believe in the Asesso family of protective equipment. Attila Barabás was looking for protective gear for his son, Bálint, that would provide the greatest degree of protection at snowboard competitions. We’re grateful for his praise, and Bálint will be protected by Asesso during all his races.

“Greetings fellow sportsmen,

My name is Attila Barabás. Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time getting to know protectors, studying the injuries arising from their use (and lack thereof) and preventing such injuries. Naturally, I conducted most of these in-depth tests on myself. This meant that if protectors failed miserably it was my body that suffered the consequences.

Today, when I saw my son follow in my footsteps, I wanted to give him the best protection possible.

He became a professional snowboarder. When he’s competing at races, he frequently leans into the snow at 90 km/h, on practically nothing but a board 1.5 cm thick and just over 1 m long, and no matter how experienced and skilled he might be, crashing into the ground is always a possibility. At times like these, the body parts most frequently injured are the spine, the coccyx, the carpal bones, the ulna and the knee. I could have put protective equipment created by any manufacturer on these extremely vulnerable areas, but the only brand I was able to put my complete trust in was Asesso.

And why do we trust Asesso? The answer is very simple.

If I truly want to protect my son’s bones, the first thing I need to look at is Pascal’s Law, a basic law of physics. P=F/A.  The amount of pressure depends on force and the area it is distributed over, as well as to what degree the surface is able to absorb the pressure. (Let’s look at a specific example. When women step into sand wearing high-heeled shoes, the spike heel sinks into the sand. But if they do this wearing boots, it barely leaves a trace, and were we to put a sponge under the sole of the boot, it would leave no trace whatsoever.)

In Asesso’s protector systems, pressure is not just distributed, but is practically completely absorbed by a special absorption layer (the anti-shock sponge padding). As a result, there is only very slight force exerted on the bone structure, meaning bones are protected from injury. Bone marrow is pressed against the periosteum only very slightly, thereby protecting bone marrow cells from injury. This also means that rheumatic pain can be avoided down the line. The cherry on top is that Asesso has designers who are very familiar with human anatomy, and these protectors completely adapt to joints, while allowing for free, unrestricted movement. As a result, all movements are swift and easy during any exercise or sports. I found my solution in Asesso’s protector systems.

Asesso’s protector system is the protector system that can protect my son’s body well.

Give it a try! You will not be disappointed.”

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