Asesso Knee Warmer

6 600 Ft

Knee warmer, ideal for winter sports, horse-riding, cycling and motorbike riding.

Unique open-back, hook and loop design. These specifications allow for swift and easy application over trousers as well as comfortable, unrestricted movement.

Taking measurements: measure thigh circumference approximately 15 cm above knee. Measurements should be taken in trousers over which knee warmer will be worn.

Sizes: XS: 35-39; S: 37-41; M: 39-43; L: 41-45; XL: 43-47; 2XL: 45-49; 3XL: 47-51; 4XL: 49-53; 5XL: 51-55.

Product prices apply to one pair.

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How to use:

Loosen the hook and loop fastener on the product, place the protector on the knee joint, making sure that it’s in the correct position. Secure product on the knee using the hook and loop fasteners. After fastening, check whether the knee protector is in the required place and position and make sure movement is not restricted.


Wash product in lukewarm water (40°C) using neutral detergent. After washing, rinse with water, making sure that all residual detergent is removed. When drying, spread out the knee warmer and allow to dry at room temperature. Keep away from heating devices and heat sources as these may damage the product.

DO NOT spin-dry, iron or put in drier.


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